I retired this cosplay a while ago, and it’s finally time to get rid of it in order to make room for other stuff in my closet. Also, I never really felt as comfortable going around as 11 as I do 10. Who even knows why. Anyway, this costume includes:

    Shirt: It has a hatch pattern instead of the squiggly lines of the real thing, but holds up well in pictures. I added the cuff details myself using a ribbon that matches the suspenders and bow tie. The shirt has two darts in the back to fit it to my body, but they can easily be removed. Size 16 (32/33) Large, Van Heusen brand. Bit worn.

    Bow Tie: Maroon, matches color of suspenders.

    Suspenders: Maroon, matches color of bow tie.

    Jacket: I matched the pattern of the original coat as well as possible to this one. As luck would have it, the only seller was in the UK. I paid $90 for it, and it represents my main investment in this costume. I never got around to adding the elbow patches. If you want close-up pictures of the fabric, I’ll scrounge up a better camera than my iPhone to show detail. Just let me know. You’d also want to change out the buttons.

    Watch: Gold, matches the one the Doctor wears in this episode fairly well.

    Sonic: the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

    Boots: These are size 10M, which fit my American Womans Size 9 feet quite well. The soles were removed to put in arch support insoles instead.

    This is everything you need, except for a pair of black jeans, to have a full 11th Doctor cosplay!

    I’d LIKE $100 for the lot - $90 without the shoes. You can also make me an offer! I will be at Gally this weekend, and can bring it all along if you’re on the fence. I’ll also be at Emerald City Comic Con and SakuraCon in Seattle this March. Cost includes me getting the costume to you, anywhere inside the US. I’ll drive it to you if you’re in the area, or use a flat rate shipping box.

    This might be a really outrageous amount to ask for a cosplay set. I really don’t know! I’m really just looking to make back a little bit of what I put into the costume originally. I paid around $200+ for everything myself, and it’s all in super good condition.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

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      signal boost (even though i’m super sad that this costume is being sold because i loved getting photos with you)