1. Classes and Aspects

    So, I’ve been thinking about Classes and Aspects

    It’s pretty common to inquire of fellow Homestucks what your god tier is. Most people support taking a test, in order to figure out what it would be!

    A popular one is found here: http://thepageofhopes.tumblr.com/post/13517446964/homestuck-title-test

    However, as I went through the test myself, I found myself second guessing the answers I was given. My type was a 3w4, putting me as a Thief, while I’ve tended to identify more as a Knight. My level for type 3 (The Achiever) was difficult to determine. I’m ambitious and self directed, but I also am driven by the fear of failure. I’m slightly egotistical, with an underlay of self-deprecation. In essence, I’m a mix of healthy levels and average levels, making it almost impossible to choose.

    When I investigated the type associated with a Knight, (Type 6: The Loyalist) I immediately found a connection. “Key Motivations: Want to have security, to feel supported by others, to have certitude and reassurance, to test the attitudes of others toward them, to fight against anxiety and insecurity.” That’s who I was for YEARS. That used to be me. (Compare to the Key Motivations of Type 3: “Want to be affirmed, to distinguish themselves from others, to have attention, to be admired, and to impress others.”)

    When I look at the levels, I connect to level 1: “Self-accepting, inner-directed, and authentic, everything they seem to be. Modest and charitable, self-deprecatory humor and a fullness of heart emerge. Gentle and benevolent.” Well,  maybe “gentle” is pushing it a bit far, but I’m proud of how much I’ve grown in my life. Especially when, back in elementary school, I remember struggling with level 6: “Want to impress others with their superiority: constantly promoting themselves, making themselves sound better than they really are. Narcissistic, with grandiose, inflated notions about themselves and their talents. Exhibitionistic and seductive, as if saying “Look at me!” Arrogance and contempt for others is a defense against feeling jealous of others and their success.” Pro tip: these qualities, combined with a complete lack of social grace, leads to a very unhappy kid.

    Type 5 brings connection as well. “Key Motivations: Want to possess knowledge, to understand the environment, to have everything figured out as a way of defending the self from threats from the environment.” When I was younger, I was an obsessive reader - and I do mean obsessive. I was horrible at interpersonal interactions, so I devoured books in order to try and find characters to emulate, hoping I could copy their actions instead. My parents also comment about how obnoxious I was with the question every mother and father hates to hear: “Why?”

    So, going back to Homestuck: “The titles represent what you need to learn through the game.” However, the game is also a coming of age story. The kids, trolls and humans alike, start the game at age 13. And yeah, many Homestuck fans are around that age, either just starting on their own coming of age progression, or somewhere in the middle of that journey. But what about those of us who finished already?

    "Knights need to learn to stand by their friends and remove the mask they put on for others." Removing my masks and learning how to keep the friends I’ve made has been an important journey for me. I hid behind the mask of what I thought my friends wanted me to be, so much so that older (more mature) friends would call me a “social chameleon”. But I learned that lesson. I grew up. Yeah, I have a lot of growth to go as a person, but that’s true of everyone. We all have little things we can do to be better. Mine, right now, seems to be related to Type Six: The Loyalist, as I worry about what my future brings.

    Anyway, to wrap this all up, when determining your title and class, ask yourself, "Where am I in my life? What is the greatest personal challenge I’ve overcome so far?" If the tests you’re taking don’t seem to reflect how far you’ve come in life, maybe you’ve already “come of age”. So instead of judging who you are today, look back at who you used to be. Remember the hurdles you jumped to become what you are today. Make the decision for yourself, and choose the title that sits right in your mind. Sburb may not exist in our reality in QUITE the same fashion, but coming of age stories occur every day. Determining where you are in yours can help you figure out just what Title you really have. 

    (As for my class - if we assume that I used to be a level 6 6w5, my lowest factor from the similar minds test is chosen to correlate instead of my highest - and I scored 18% in Independence, making me the Knight of Time~)

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